Sat 06 & Sun 07 August 2022
The largest Roman Festival in Switzerland

The largest Roman festival in Switzerland!

The yells of the crowds, the rattle and clash of weapons, the roar of legionaries, the laughter of children, the cries of vendors, the singing of musicians and, in the background, the sounds of craftspeople plying their trades and the all-pervasive scent of wood fires, roast suckling pig and horse dung.
At the largest Roman festival in Switzerland 1000 participants breathe life into the venerable monuments of the ancient Roman town. Gladiator fights, theatre spectacles, chariot racing for families, dance performances and over 30 activities in which large and small alike can take part make this an unforgettable occasion. Add food and drink to suit every taste – including, of course, many unfamiliar Roman delicacies – and the expedition to the ancient world becomes an all-round success for everyone – including YOU!